How to Know if You Need an Emergency Roof Repair

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When your roof is damaged, it will often qualify as an emergency roof repair. Your roof should keep you safe by preventing unwelcome outside elements from entering your home. So when it is damaged, knowing how quickly you need a repair is paramount. How can you tell if it is an emergency?

How to Know if You Need an Emergency Roof Repair

Here are two major signs that you should call us for an emergency roof repair:

  • Water Leaking Through the Ceiling- Water is never supposed to leak through the ceiling, so even a drop of water is a sign that your roof needs immediate attention. The best way to determine if the leak is from your roof is by looking in the attic to find the source. Take action immediately if you find any type of punctures in your roof or cracks with light peeking through. Move any valuables away from the leak, place a bucket under it to catch the water, and give us a call.
  • Large Area of Missing or Damaged Shingles- A large section of torn, bent, or missing shingles needs replacing as quickly as possible. Broken shingles make surrounding shingles and the underlying structure more vulnerable to damage. Place a tarp over the damaged area while you wait for us to arrive.
  • An Object Crashing Through the Roof- If a tree or other large object has smashed through your roof, that’s definitely an emergency that needs to be repaired ASAP.

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