Tools that a Pressure Washing Company Uses

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Pressure washing the exterior of a home or other large surface is harder surfaces than it looks and might be more expensive than you think. Besides investing money in a pressure washer rental or purchase, you’ll also need to take the proper safety measures and invest a considerable amount of time. A pressure washing company will also have the tools to ensure the job is done right the first time.

Tools that a Pressure Washing Company Uses

What do these professionals bring to the table?

  • Commercial-grade, high-power pressure washers: These work fast and provide the best results. They’re used to clean surfaces like vinyl, concrete, and brick, and use different spray tips that adjust the pressure as needed. Our experienced technicians will not damage any of the finishes on your property.
  • Hoses: High- and lower-pressure pressure washer water hoses work with hot or cold water and are made to be used with cleaning chemicals.
  • Extension wands: Telescoping extension wands can reach high and wide surfaces and are flexible enough to be held in vertical positions. They are heavy, so technicians usually wear support belts when using them.
  • Cleaning agents: A professional pressure washing company will have various chemicals and soaps for different projects. One detergent might be used for siding, while another might work better for decks.

These are just some of the important tools used by a pressure washing company. Don’t forget that a gas motor or electric engine is also needed, along with generators and line testers for the hoses.

At C&H Roofing, we can schedule an appointment to handle your pressure washing project and schedule the job at your convenience.