Understanding the Various Types of Roofs

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The choice of roof for your home is a crucial decision that goes beyond aesthetics, impacting the building’s structural integrity, energy efficiency, and overall longevity. Each roofing material comes with its own set of advantages and considerations.

Understanding the Various Types of Roofs

At C&H Roofing, we focus on three main types of roofs. Keep reading to learn some basics about each one.

  • Flat Roofs. Flat roofs offer a sleek and modern look that goes well with the contemporary design of many homes. They also provide you with additional usable space. One thing to consider regarding flat roofs is the need to check for proper drainage. Without proper drainage, flat roofs can leak and cause structural damage. Beyond the aesthetic appeal and increased space, flat roof installation is often less expensive than other types of roofs.
  • Metal Roofs. The popularity of metal roofs has increased in the past few years as homeowners begin to see the benefits their durability offers. These types of roofs are also energy-efficient, since they reflect the sun’s rays and reduce the absorption of heat, which helps keep your house cooler. Additionally, metal roofing materials are often recyclable, making them an eco-friendlier option. You can also find metal roofing in a wide array of colors, allowing you to make a statement.
  • Shingle roofs. Shingle roofs are still one of the most widely used types of roofs. The array of colors and styles offers homeowners a chance to match their roofs with the architectural style of their homes, as well as their personal preferences. Shingle roofs are often budget-friendly, which appeals to many homeowners as well. When considering a shingle roof, talk to our team about your options, as some last longer and need less maintenance than others.

Talk to our team today about your roofing options. We can assess your roof’s current condition and create a plan to ensure you and your family are protected.